The Password Game by Play Online

The Password Game, designed by Neal Agarwal, is a puzzle game that tests players' ability to craft a secure password by adhering to a set of guidelines. Initially, the game presents straightforward rules, like ensuring a minimum character count, an uppercase letter, a number, and a special character within the password. However, as players advance through the levels, the rules grow more intricate, often demanding alterations to the password to meet additional criteria.

How to Play The Password game?

  1. The Password Game - Read All the Rules

    Before diving into The Password Game, it's crucial to thoroughly review and comprehend all the rules. These guidelines are instrumental in crafting your password and advancing in the game. When playing The Password Game in your browser, pay close attention to the detailed instructions and requirements outlined in each rule. A clear understanding of the rules is key to navigating the game successfully and overcoming its obstacles. You can find The Password Game Rules at the bottom of the page. The Password Game - Read All the Rules
  2. The Password Game - Make Your Password

    Now that you're familiar with The Password Game Rules, it's time to craft your password. Follow the game's instructions to generate your password, ensuring it meets all the specified requirements. This may involve incorporating elements like the current moon phase, a chess move, and ensuring an adequate character count, including a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special symbols. Take your time to devise a password that adheres to all the rules. Remember, it should be both unique and robust to safeguard your information effectively. The Password Game - Make Your Password
  3. The Password Game - Enjoy the Game

    After comprehending the rules and crafting your password, it's time to sit back, unwind, and immerse yourself in The Password Game! Find out your score

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is The Password Game?

    The Password Game is an engaging puzzle game developed by Neal Agarwal. It tasks players with devising a password by adhering to a series of 35 rules, each presenting its own distinct requirements and limitations.

  2. What Are The 35 Rules of The Password Game?

    Here are the 35 rules for The Password Game:
    1. Must be at least 5 characters long
    2. Must include a number
    3. Must contain an uppercase letter
    4. Must include a special character
    5. The digits must add up to 25
    6. Must include a month
    7. Must contain a Roman numeral
    8. Must include one of the following: "pepsi", "starbucks", "shell"
    9. The Roman numerals must multiply to 35
    10. Must contain a randomly generated CAPTCHA
    11. Must include today's Wordle answer
    12. Must contain a two-letter symbol from the periodic table
    13. Must include the current phase of the moon as an emoji
    14. Must include the name of a country from Google Maps
    15. Must indicate whether it's a Leap year or not
    16. Must calculate the best chess move
    17. Must include Paul the 🥚 without deleting him by accident
    18. The atomic numbers included must add up to 200
    19. All vowels must be bolded
    20. Remove all 🔥 before it deletes your password
    21. Add 4 instances of :man_lifting_weights:
    22. Must include one of the following: "i am loved", "i am worthy", "i am enough"
    23. Hatch the egg and feed him a 🐛 every 20 seconds or paste in 3 🐛 every 50 seconds
    24. Find a YouTube video with a randomly generated length
    25. Choose 2 letters that you will no longer be able to use
    26. There must be twice as many italic letters as there are bold letters
    27. At least 30% of the password must be in Wingdings
    28. Type the random color generated in hex
    29. All Roman numerals must be in Times New Roman
    30. The font size of every digit must be equal to its square
    31. Each instance of the same letter must have a unique font size
    32. The password must contain its length as a number
    33. The password length must also be a prime number
    34. Include the current time in format HH:MM
    35. Retype the password into another textbox within 2 minutes. Good luck!

  3. Can I Play The Password Game More Than Once?

    Definitely! You're welcome to play The Password Game as many times as you wish. While the puzzles and challenges may stay consistent, you have the opportunity to experiment with different approaches and enhance your strategies with each subsequent playthrough.

  4. What Happens If I Make a Mistake or Fail to Meet a Rule's Requirement?

    If you make a mistake or fail to meet a rule's requirement, the game will notify you of the error. You'll then need to adjust your password accordingly to meet the specific rule. The game permits you to make corrections and continue playing.